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chair massage treatment

Acupressure Chair Massage

Seated acupressure massage is based on traditional Japanese techniques. Acupressure or energy points on the head, neck, shoulders, spine and lower back are worked to improve the flow of energy throughout the body and balance the body's muscular, circulatory and nervous systems. Massage techniques to reduce muscle tension in your arms, legs and feet and stretches to enhance your feeling of well-being are also included. Each session will focus on your specific needs at the time. You can expect to feel relaxed, refreshed and energised afterwards.


  • relieves stress and tension
  • feel energised and refreshed
  • encourages tight, knotted muscles to loosen up
  • can help with backache, repetitive strain injury, headaches, fatigue, pain and anxiety

What to expect?

You will sit facing forward in a specially designed massage chair, wearing your normal clothes. Your chin and forehead rest on a thickly padded face cushion; your arms and lower legs rest on cushions and your upper body is supported throughout. The session begins with a calming and relaxing massage to your spinal muscles with specific work on neck and shoulders, arms, legs and feet, ending with invigorating tapotement movements to help you feel re-energised. The session lasts for 30 minutes.

Cost: £30

Your first session will require a free 15 minute consultation on medical details and general health.

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