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chair massage

Massage for those with Autism and Learning Difficulties

Your care home for Adults with Learning Difficulties, Autism and other conditions, can be visited on a weekly basis, to provide appropriate massage for the adults who live there. The majority of people prefer foot massage, which I combine with some reflexology to help keep their body in balance. Some people like hand massage and some prefer head, neck and back massage.

The special people I visit often find the massage very calming and relaxing, even when their bodies do not want to slow down. I bring towels and cream with me and adapt the treatment to the mood and activity of the person at the time. A member of staff is always present. The maximum session time per client is often 20 minutes, depending on the client's mood and budget.

I have a recent CRB certificate and have worked in special needs environments for at least five years. People with autism have a special place in my heart. I understand that relationships take time to build and that sometimes people are not interested in massage on the day I visit.


  • can induce a sense of relaxation and calmness
  • can provide valuable physical and emotional contact with client
  • can be performed in any setting - a separate room is not required
  • may enhance feelings of self-worth

What to expect?

If you would like to arrange visits to your care home or centre, please contact me on 07768 201876 to discuss further details.

Cost: £30 per hour

Click here to arrange a visit to your residential care home or to discuss further details or call me on 07768 201876